New Kirale Website

We are pleased to announce the new Kirale Technologies Website launch.

Kirale Technologies is a company focused on developing wireless low-power IP connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Our solutions are conceived for highly resource-constrained, low-cost and low-power hardware, enabling to connect whatever smart object to IP-based networks, its seamless integration into the Internet and allowing interoperability with other smart objects through the use of standard protocols. The technology-based company was founded in 2011 and since then we have been working on embedded devices to become wireless low-power IP-enabled, removing the technological, physical and economical fences that formerly made it impracticable.

In our Products section a detailed description of RF Modules, Network OS and Evaluation tools developed by Kirale can be found.

Customers are invited to visit the Support section to gather technical information and guides about our products and to resolve any questions.


Along with the new Website, a GitHub page has been created to host different open source projects that will exploit the benefits of the Kirale products. Contributions and requests from developers and enthusiasts are welcome to the different projects.