The Swiss Army knife for Thread

After achieving Thread Certification for its KiNOS Thread Stack and KTWM102 RF Module series, Kirale Technologies launches its first development tool, the KTDG102 Evaluation Dongle.

This compact device has multiple applications for Thread products developers:

  • Thread Network Co-processor or stand-alone Thread device.
  • Thread Border Router development and testing.
  • IEEE 802.15.4 packet sniffer.
  • Thread Certification Test Bed device.

This USB dongle brings the whole functionality and performance of the best-in-class Thread Certified 802.15.4 Network Co-Processor to the user in a USB stick form factor, with the on-board KTWM102 Module. It incorporates:

  • Handy built-in UART connector allows to easily link to any host (supplied cable).
  • Two-input power multiplexer enables dongle to be powered by USB connector or through UART cable by the host with seamless transition between both paths.
  • A useful signaling led to know device’s status at all time and a cute removable USB enclosure to keep it from harm.

Currently it can be purchased directly from The Kirale Online Store. For a fast hands-in, developers are suggested to visit the company’s GitHub page and start enjoying the Thread product development easier than ever!