The world’s first Thread Backbone Border Router has arrived

We are proud to announce the formal launch of the world’s first Thread Backbone Border Router available in the market. The new KTBRN1 Thread Border Router is a next-generation networking device that apart from connecting wireless IP-based mesh networks to traditional IP networks, also makes the most of the recently released Thread 1.2 Networking Protocol to deliver an unprecedented connectivity solution for low-power and resource-constrained devices.

By taking advantage of KiNOS, best-in-class Certified Thread Stack, on-board KTWM102 RF Module, and our KiBRA open-source software package, this network equipment is the best exponent of how easy it is to build a cutting-edge wireless IP Border Router based on software and hardware solutions that Kirale Technologies provides. In addition to its eye-catching design and compact size, KTBRN1 product also stands out for its capability to be easily customized and the freedom to adjust it depending on customer needs.

Kirale, in its desire to remain its leadership position in wireless Thread-based solutions, continually strives to develop and offer the best software and hardware tools to design secure and reliable connected products for Industry 4.0.