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KiNOS Thread NCP v1.3.8715
IEEE 802.15.4 Sniffer v1.2.7749
KiBRA v2.9.5
KiTools v1.4.3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many KTDG102 USB Dongles are needed to form a Thread Network?

    To be able to test a Thread network you will need at least two KTDG102 USB Dongles in order to create the simplest network and to generate 802.15.4/Thread traffic between them. However, a good minimum set-up would be formed by three KTDG102 USB Dongles so that one of them can be used as packet sniffer and the other two as Thread nodes. By this way it is possible to create a network and to monitor its traffic as well.

  • Which platforms does the KTDG102 USB Dongle support?

    The KTDG102 USB Dongle works under any Windows, Linux and MAC OS platform and can be interfaced to any host MCU/processor through its Serial and/or USB interface.  To get more detailed information about KTDG102 USB Dongle driver installation refer to the Knowledge Base in Support section.

  • Could be developed the customer application code inside the KTDG102 USB Dongle ?

    The KTDG102 USB Dongle is designed to test the KTWM102 Thread Network Co-Processor module. This means that the system is designed to be controlled by a host by sending commands at its interfaces. The customer could develop its application code on whatever host platform at its choice and then interface it to the KTDG102 USB Dongle. That will do the Thread networking job easier than ever!

  • Could be other firmware flashed inside a KTDG102 USB Dongle?

    The Atmel SAMR21E microcontroller of the KTDG102 USB Dongle can be flashed through the debug connector of the KTDG102 USB Dongle. However, a firmware is flashed in the KTDG102 USB Dongle the Kirale warranty will be lost and it will be no longer available to use it again as a Thread Evaluation tool running KiNOS Network Operating System (as secure Kirale bootloader firmware will be lost).  It could be done at your own risk!

  • Is the KTDG102 USB Dongle a general purpose evaluation board?

    No. The KTDG102 USB Dongle is a Thread evaluation tool, designed and engineered as exhibitor of the KTWM102 Thread NCP module.

  • What is the KTDG102 USB Dongle?

    The KTDG102 USB Dongle is the definitive Swiss Army knife for Thread. The KTDG102 USB Dongle is an evaluation tool to get familiar, test, and understand Thread wireless technology by exploiting the full potential of the KTWM102 Thread NCP module in a USB stick form factor.

Sales and Shipments
  • How could I track my orders shipment status?

    When your order is ready to be shipped you will be notified by email with the UPS courier tracking number for your order. The status of the shipment could be checked with this tracking number at UPS courier website.

  • Where could I find my order number?

    Once an order is completed in the online store a confirmation email will be received in which the order number as well as the rest of ordering information will be notified.

  • Where could I purchase Kirale Technologies products?

    Kirale Technologies products, for the moment, are only available through this website. If you are interested in buying wholesale please contact our sales department at contact us.

  • How does the order process work in the online store?

    After selecting the product you wish to purchase, please proceed to checkout page. Carefully enter your billing and delivery address. Please ensure that you enter a valid email address as all order information will be sent to this address. Click over button to place the order and enter the required details to complete the payment.

    Shortly after making a successful payment you will receive your order confirmation by email. As soon we receive your order we will process it as fast as possible and when your order is ready to be shipped you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number and invoice attached.

  • Are Kirale Technologies products available worldwide?

    Yes. Kirale Technologies products can be shipped worldwide with UPS courier. To get more information about shipment please consult our Terms of Sale.

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