Application data traffic

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After booted-up, configured and connected the KTWM102 module behaves as one more on the network and it is in normal operation. In this state the module can receive/transmit radio messages from/to others to execute actions, to process data or to manage the network status.

The Thread network management messages received will be attended and processed by the KiNOS stack. But other radio messages could be received by the module intended to the external host application layer. This application traffic data is enabled thanks to special UDP/UART dedicated sockets which transfer data between UDP socket and the UART serial interface in both directions.

When an UDP/UART socket is created the module is willing to receive application data traffic. When it is received through this socket it is transferred by UART serial interface to the external host application as a data traffic notification. By the nature of the asynchronous reception of a data traffic notification there is no way to know when it will occur so the use serial RX interrupts is recommended to manage incoming data traffic notifications.

For further information of creating UDP – UART sockets and UDP serial traffic data commands and notifications refer to KBI Reference Guide.