Boot-up and status monitoring

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First thing what a host application should do on each power up is to send a status command to know the KTWM102 module status.


First time power-up

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In this case status is none – not configured which means not connected and no configured because the module was never used before. It could be configured and started up for first time. If it successfully join a network the configuration will be stored as valid in internal non-volatile memory.


Next power-ups

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If the status is none – configuration saved means that it has an stored valid configuration of the last network where was successfully joined.

If the status is none – not configured means that the module failed in its last network joining so try other network configuration.

If the status is joined means that the module has automatically reconnected to the last network where was joined. It could happens if the auto-join mode is enabled or if some unexpected reset occurs (brown-out, watchdog operation). Nothing to do here so remain sending status command regularly for device monitoring.

If the status is other than previous means that the module is doing some transition process. Nothing to do here so remain sending status command regularly until some of previous states will be reached.

It is recommended to send status command regularly (in a reasonable period) to verify the device operation and to do relevant actions if necessary.