IP connectivity between the Thread Network and the LAN (Part I)

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General description

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The ability to forward packets to and from an external network link is one of the main features of the Border Router. This series of use cases describe how to connect your Thread devices with an external IP network through KTBRN1 Thread Backbone Border Router.



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The setup will look like the following network diagram. Before beginning, please, make sure that the Border Router is connected to your LAN and that there is at least an additional Thread device available.


Set up KTBRN1 Thread Border Router (BR1)

Firstly, access to KiBRA’s Web Administration Panel and configure the network settings like the following:

Parameter Value
Role Leader
Channel 11
PAN ID 0xcafe
Network Name kite_cafe
Commissioning Credential KIRALE
Master Key 0x00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff
Mesh-Local Prefix fd00:0db8:0000:0000::
Extended PAN ID 0x000db80000000000



Thereupon save the changes and start the Border Router Engine up.


Add the other Thread device to the network as Router (R1)

Secondly, gather the commissioning information by clicking on “EXPORT SETTINGS” button.


Once this is done, configure your Thread device with the required parameters. Let’s make an example of how it would be done with a Kirale device.


Finally, check out that the network topology is correctly formed by means of “Visual Network” menu.

Please be patient. Remember that a REED device may take up to 120 seconds to become a Router.