Operation modes

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KTDG102 USB Dongle can operate in four modes.



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As a Thread network evaluation tool by itself. It can be configured through USB communications interface and the Kirale Command-Line Shell by human-friendly commands in any computer platform (Windows/Linux/MAC OS).


UART hosted in a microcontroller system

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As a rapid prototyping evaluation of the UART interface a four wire cable is provided for quick serial connection with an application microcontroller, avoiding to build adaptation boards or manual wire wrapping to the RX/TX pads. It can be configured and managed through UART communications interface and the Kirale Binary Interface.


USB hosted in a Linux-operating system

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Connected in a free USB port of the system it can be configured and managed by the host. Taking advantage of its USB-Ethernet capability it will automatically work as an Ethernet interface for the system. So a host Linux system can be easily turned on a Thread Border Router with a few standard services configuration and relaying the Thread network management to the KiNOS certified stack.


IEEE 802.15.4 packet sniffer

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With a simple firmware flashing the KTDG102 USB Dongle can behave as radio sniffer. Kirale provides the tools needed to perform real-time frame captures and to link it to a Wireshark protocol analyzer to display the captured packets.