Physical interfaces

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Since the aim of the KTDG102 USB Dongle is to demonstrate the features of the KTWM102 family of RF modules and to be used as exhibitor of KiNOS certified stack developed by Kirale Technologies it incorporates two physical connectors to interface with KTWM102 module by the two available interfaces: UART and USB.

USB interface

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A standard type-A connector is used. It combines the USB 5V power supply (internally regulated to 3,3V) and the D+/D- communication lines. It is intended to quickly, easily and human-friendly interface with the module. The pin-out is as standard USB connectors.

It provides DFU bootloader ,Virtual COM Port and Ethernet over USB interfaces.

UART interface

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A JST-GH connector is used. It allows 3,3V, GND power supply and two-wires (RX/TX) UART port. A cable is supplied for serial communication evaluation and rapid prototyping for product integration. The pin-out is the following:

  • VDD (red)
  • TX (green)
  • RX (white)
  • GND (black)

Dual power

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Since the KTDG102 USB Dongle provides two connectors to physically interface it, two possible power options re allowed as well (USB or  UART). These are automatically multiplexed to power supply the internal KTWM102 module.

As the two interfaces could be connected at the same time both power sources could be present but for safety only one of them is used at a time for the KTWM102 module power supply. In case of both interfaces were connected at the same time, only USB source is switched as preferred power source for the module.

For further information about specific electrical characteristics of the physical interfaces refer to KTWM102 RF Module – Datasheet.